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***LATEST NEWS***  I have authored a number of recent articles:

Loss Prevention Bulletin – The failure of corporate management to equate process safety with production

The Crisis Response Journal – Following the catastrophic fire at Grenfell Tower, I take a brief look back at some other high-rise building fires in Britain that should, perhaps, have acted as a warning. Fires in high rise buildings

The Police History Society Journal – Following the tragic death of Police Constable Keith Palmer in the Westminster Bridge terrorist attack in March 2017, I look back at police officers who were killed in London in the fight against terrorism between 1975 and 1983. Terrorism

The Police History Society Journal – An article about Captain Dawson Mayne, the first Chief Constable of Cheshire.

The Police History Society Newsletter – Contains a short article about the shooting of Constable Roger Bereton at the Hungerford massacre thirty years ago.  30th anniversay of the Hungerford massacre